It is suggested to review the topics covered by a College Algebra class: 

  1. Systems of linear equations in two variables
    1. graphing method
    2. substitution method
    3. addition method
    4. applications
  2. Working with algebraic expressions
    1. add, subtract, multiply, and divide by a monomial
    2. factoring polynomials
  3. Solving quadratic equations
    1. square root property (includes – simplify and approximate numeric square roots)
    2. factoring property
    3. quadratic formula
    4. graphing (includes – interpret vertex, axis of symmetry and vertical/horizontal intercepts)
    5. applications
  4. Relations and functions
      1. function notation
      2. evaluate


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Online Resources for Algebra Review– videos and practice algebra problems – samples with solutions – interactive math lab – practice tests and answers 
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Algebra and Reading Comprehension Skills Improvement On-Line Practice

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